How to sell your
Amazon business?

If your brand meets these criteria,…

Products with potential
Your products don’t need to be in pole position, but we like products that have a shot at winning the top spot in their respective caetgory. To this end, your products should have a solid ranking on the first page of organic search results for the most relevant keywords and have strong customer reviews (quality and number) vis-à-vis their immediate competition.

In a sustainable product category
We want to operate and grow your brand for a long time, so we are looking for products that will be in demand for a long time, too. We like products with long and steady growth and steer clear of fad-driven or cyclical products.

Prone to unpremeditated buying
We typically prefer products at consumer prices of less than €50 which are easy to understand and prone to unpremeditated buying, benefitting particularly from strong product rankings and customer reviews.

Sold through Amazon
Amazon is by far the dominant online marketplace and our expertise is in the Amazon ecosystem. Most of your sales should therefore be generated through Amazon, no matter if you are fulfilling your orders on your own (FBM) or use FBA.

Strong European footprint
Europe is our home – and the largest single market with 500 million affluent consumers. To leverage synergies, we are looking for brands that generate the majority of their sales on European marketplaces.

The right scale for our platform
Generally speaking, you should be making between €30.000 and €300.000 of profit in the last twelve months.

Sales Process

Selling your business is not as intimidating as you might think. Our goal is to make the sale as transparent, fair, and as smooth as possible and guide you through every step of the process.

1 week

Review your business and confirm interest

We will have a first look at your brand to ensure it is a perfect fit for our model and will then send you a letter of intent.

Should your business not be a match for us, we are happy to refer you to one of our favorite brokers.

1-2 weeks

Due diligence and legal preparation

As part of the due diligence, we will have an in-depth look at your business to understand how you have run it to make it successful and to confirm the underlying financials.

In parallel, we will start drafting the legal documents for you to review early on so there will be no surprises.

1-2 weeks

Signing and Transition

Once everybody is happy, we will sign all necessary legal paperwork and close the deal.

We will then work through our quick and efficient transition playbook with you and fund your bank account, so you are free to start on your next endeavor as quickly as possible!

Why should you consider selling your business to merx?

Choosing the right partner when selling your business is key. We view potential sellers as long-term partners – because they are frequently serial entrepreneurs and because we believe in the power of word-of-mouth recommendations when it comes to identifying new business opportunities. We do not want to close a deal unless both parties are happy!

Transparent & fair

We say what we think, and we do what we say. We foster a full disclosure, no pressure environment.

Fully funded & fast

We are backed by successful investors, well-funded and therefore prepared to move fast to close a deal. While we typically pay cash for acquisitions, we are open to discuss alternative structures allowing you to benefit from your brand’s continued growth.

We care about your brand

We have the utmost respect for your accomplishment of creating a great Amazon brand. We’ll care about your brand as you do. Our team of seasoned E-Commerce veterans and our platform and playbook helps us to continue to optimize your brand and scale it to the next level.

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