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Amazon brands

What do we do?

Merx is a consumer products company that acquires, operates, and scales successful Amazon brands.

We are seasoned E-Commerce operators with demonstrated experience in high-growth companies at scale. We love E-Commerce operations, strong growth, and we help to ensure our entrepreneurs’ products long-term growth and success.

Your brand doesn’t need to be in pole position when we acquire it, but we like products that have a shot at winning the top spot in their respective caetgory.



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If your brand meets these criteria,…

Products with potential
Your products should have a solid ranking on the first page of organic search results for the most relevant keywords and have strong customer reviews (quality and number) vis-à-vis their immediate competition.

In a sustainable product category
We want to operate and grow your brand for a long time, so we are looking for products that will be in demand for a long time, too. We like products with long and steady growth and steer clear of fad-driven or cyclical products.

Prone to unpremeditated buying
We typically prefer products at consumer prices of less than €50 which are easy to understand and prone to unpremeditated buying, benefitting particularly from strong product rankings and customer reviews.

Sold through Amazon
Amazon is by far the dominant online marketplace and our expertise is in the Amazon ecosystem. Most of your sales should therefore be generated through Amazon, no matter if you are fulfilling your orders on your own (FBM) or use FBA.

Strong European footprint
Europe is our home – and the largest single market with 500 million affluent consumers. To leverage synergies, we are looking for brands that generate the majority of their sales on European marketplaces.

The right scale for our platform
Generally speaking, you should be making between €30.000 and €300.000 of profit in the last twelve months.

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